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 Theater is a collaboration, not a competition.

Our Motto:

"Nothing excellent was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson




2013-14  Handbook



October 11, 6:30PM
    One by One
Performance Competition
Cash Prizes for the best performed monologues, scenes, and audition songs!

  December 5,6,7, 7PM
    The Good Doctor
        by Neil Simon

An unnamed writer (meant to represent Chekhov) suffers from writer's block and his own artistic temperament as he narrates to the audience several of his stories:

  • "The Sneeze" - A government clerk over-apologizes and has a nervous breakdown after accidentally sneezing on a general during a night out at the opera.
  • "The Governess" - A mother attempts to cheat her children's governess out of her pay by making up offenses and damages for which the governess must "compensate".
  • "Surgery" - A sexton visits the dentist complaining of a toothache, but the dentist's zeal for his profession begins to frighten his patient.
  • "Too Late for Happiness" - An older man and woman contemplate making time for each other in song.
  • "The Seduction" - A renowned seducer of married women sets his sights on his best friend's wife, using his friend as an unwitting accomplice in the ploy.
  • "The Drowned Man" - An entrepreneurial tramp pretends to drown himself to make money, calling what he does "maritime entertainment".
  • "A Defenseless Creature" - A woman with a nervous disorder harasses an ill banker to extort money for her injured husband.
  • "The Arrangement" - In flashback, the Writer's father takes his shy 19-year-old son to a brothel to make him a man.
  • "A Quiet War" - Two retired military commanders meet in the park to debate what makes the perfect five-course lunch.

January 3, 6:30 PM
    All Mouseketeer Revue [Cancelled: Snow]
      All your favorite Disney tunes and memories. One night only!

    March 13, 7PM
    March 15 @ Sharon H.S.
    Fowl Play
        by Don Bliss

 Two fowl groups, both like in dignity,

In fair chicken coop, where they lay their eggs,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where deep mistrust makes sparring chicken legs.

From forth the hostile flocks of these two foes

A pair of star-cross'd pullets try their luck;

Whose misadventured piteous thoughts

Do with their schemes make their buddies cluck.

The fitful passage of their chicken love,

And the continuance of their peer groups' rage,

Which, but their chicken brains, nought could remove

Is thus the forty minutes on the stage;

The which all may with patient ears attend,

  What theyshall miss, the fowl shall strive to mend.

May 8, 9, 10, 7PM
My Fair Lady

        Book and Lyrics by Alan J. Lerner,
        Music by  Frederick Loewe,

Based on George Bernard Shaw's 'Pygmalion', the story concerns Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower girl who takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins, a phoneticist, so that she may pass as a well-born lady.


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